BreezyLog is primarily for aircraft owners/operators to have control over their logbook and maintenance schedules. They pay the setup up and subscription fees, which we have kept as low as possible, to establish and maintain their aircraft.

LAMEs and Pilots are able to register for free on BreezyLog and when an aircraft owner/operator provides them with an access code for their aircraft, the LAME or Pilot can then have access to the aircraft, to be able to view maintenance forecasts, raise and resolve maintenance tasks or record flight data, etc.

All maintenance task actions record the ARN of the person raising, deferring and/or resolving the task, and we use SMS messaging of verification codes to the ARN holder, to confirm they have authorized the action.

If you are an owner/operator and are ready to begin the process of loading your aircraft onto BreezyLog, register for free, then add your aircraft.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: As aircraft logbooks are a "Legal Document" it is a CASA requirement for dual factor authentication and a digital facsimile of your hand written signature should you ever need to print out logbooks onto paper format. All users must upload a profile picture and a scan of their signature (digital signature). Owner/operators are required to upload a copy of their Operators Certificate and all license holders are required to upload copies of their license to validate their ARN (CASA requirement).

If you wish to use BreezyLOGMR, you still need to register as a Commercial Operator or as a Private Owner. This will provide you with a "Hangar" and the ability to load your aircraft. When loading your aircraft use the Discount Code - BREEZYMR.


Registration is free

PLEASE NOTE: You are only charged a setup fee for each aircraft, when you add them, which includes the first month subscription free, to allow time for adding it to the BreezyLog system.
LAMES & PILOTS (non owners/operators)

Register by clicking the appropriate button. If you are a LAME and also a pilot, register as a LAME and you can also upload your pilot license, to let us know you are also a pilot.